J-1 and Jason Fischer

Please send a copy of Florida Statute Article VIII Section 6 to Jason FischerThe Duval Delegation has no right to change Duval’s Charter.

Florida Statute Article VIII  Section 6 says Article VIII Section 9 is no longer applicable once a county adopts a charter (which we have).  

Here is a screen shot of Jason Fischer’s FB page where he says it is Article VIII Section 9 that gives J-1 it’s authority.  

But here is a screen shot of Article VIII Section 6 that says that Section 9, 10, 11 and 24 are no longer applicable once the county/city gets a charter.

In other words, Section 9 of Article VIII is no longer applicable to Jacksonville since Jacksonville has a charter.  In other words, the state legislature can not change Jacksonville’s charter.
Excerpt from Section 6 of Article VIII:

Article VIII Section 9 shall remain in full force … until that county shall expressly adopt a charter … “

Regarding this article:

Please ask your representative to introduce legislation to return the voter registration form to the old wording

Please thank your representative if they voted no on SB 7066

Please thank your representative if they voted NO on SB 7066.
If your representative voted yes, please ask them if they’ve had a change in heart and will consider sponsoring a bill to put the wording (deleted on line 1138 of SB 7066) back into the Florida statutes.
For Duval County people, this is how your representatives voted on SB 7066:
Senator Aaron Bean-yes
Senator Audrey Gibson-no
Representative Cord Byrd-yes
Representative Kimberly Daniels-didn’t vote
Representative Jason Fischer-yes
Representative Clay Yarborough-yes
Representative Tracie Davis-no
Representative Wyman Duggan-yes

Here is the link to find the contact info (phone number and link to send message) for representatives in the House:

Here is the link to find the contact info (phone number and link to send message) for state senators:

Previously the voter registration form included this line:
“I affirm that I am not a convicted felon, or if I am, my right to vote has been restored.”

Please ask your representative to pass legislation requiring the voter registration form to return to using the above line so no one needs to admit to being a convicted felon on the voter registration form. Here are the new 3 lines, on the current registration form, that we want replaced:
3 lines for block 2 on voter registration form

Please ask your representative to introduce legislation to put the below wording back into the Florida statutes:

The registration application must be in plain language and designed so that convicted felons whose civil rights have been restored and persons who have been adjudicated mentally incapacitated and have had their voting rights restored are not required to reveal their prior conviction or adjudication.

No one, including those with a felony conviction or previously adjudicated mentally incapacitated, should be required to confess their past on a voter registration form. The legislators should NOT have deleted the above language from the statutes. The deleted language can be seen beginning at line 1138 in bill SB 7066 at this link: https://www.flsenate.gov/Session/Bill/2019/7066/BillText/er/HTML