I would love for our city council to respect the diversity of our lovely city

If you know anyone that wants to give the invocation at the city council meeting, please ask them to write or email or call the council member that represents their district.

I just wrote my council member (district 6). His assistant says that he has put a Bishop and a Rabbi on the list.

The address for all the council members:
117 W. Duval Street, Suite 425 (32202)

JACKSONVILLE CITY COUNCIL MEMBERS, their phone number and email address and district:
1 Joyce Morgan (DEM) 630‐1389 JOYCEMORGAN@coj.net
2 Al Ferraro (REP) 630‐1392 FERRARO@coj.net
3 Aaron L. Bowman (REP) 630‐1386 ABOWMAN@coj.net
4 Scott Wilson (REP) 630‐1394 SWILSON@coj.net
5 Lori N. Boyer (REP) 630‐1382 LBOYER@coj.net
6 Matt Schellenberg (REP) 630‐1388 MATTS@coj.net
7 Reggie Gaffney (DEM) 630‐1384 RGAFFNEY@coj.net
8 Katrina Brown (DEM) 630‐1385 KBROWN@coj.net
9 Garrett L. Dennis (DEM) 630‐1395 GARRETTD@coj.net
10 Reginald L. Brown (DEM) 630‐1684 RBROWN@coj.net
11 Danny Becton (REP) 630‐1383 DBECTON@coj.net
12 Doyle Carter (REP) 630‐1380 DOYLEC@coj.net
13 Bill Gulliford (REP) 630‐1397 GULLIFORD@coj.net
14 Jim Love (REP) 630‐1390 JIMLOVE@coj.net

These are the at large members:
AL 1 Anna Lopez Brosche (REP) 630‐1393 ABROSCHE@coj.net
AL 2 John R. Crescimbeni (DEM) 630‐1381 JRC@coj.net
AL 3 Tommy Hazouri (DEM) 630‐1396 THAZOURI@coj.net
AL 4 Greg Anderson (REP) 630‐1398 GANDERSON@coj.net
AL 5 Samuel Newby (REP) 630‐1387 SNEWBY@coj.net

One thought on “I would love for our city council to respect the diversity of our lovely city

  1. Throughout the regime of the last Yarborough administration, Constitutional law was totally ignored, and Christian law prevailed, which made it appear that we are living in a theocracy in this town, run by the First Baptist Church.
    It is time that our Council get back to being a city in the USA where mostly is lived by Constitutional law rather than Southern Baptist law. We have become more and more a diverse city from what it was the first time I lived here in the late 1940s and when we moved here permanently 57 years ago. I think it is time that our City Council recognizes how diverse this city is…that we have all religions here as well as the growing number of the non-religious. Please respect all of our citizens and abide by the First amendment rather than the Christian bible.


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