2018 Amendments on the Florida Ballot-short version

1 and  2 and 5 and 7 and 10— Voting NO because I agree with the LWV’s position per their website LINK.

# 3. You should vote YES if you do NOT want gambling casinos in Florida.  I don’t know why else you’d vote YES.  See the actual wording on page 7 of the 46 page flyer explaining all the amendments at this LINK

# 4. Definitely voting YES to restoring the voting rights of those that have finished their penalty of prison, probation and parole. Florida is one of only four states that permanently bar felons from voting after their sentences are completed.

# 6. Voting no based on this (from the ACLU website  LINK):

Amendment 6 (if it passes) would give huge corporations a new right to inject themselves into criminal proceedings and appear in court with their high-powered lawyers to have a say in sentencing and bail hearings when they accuse people of even relatively minor crimes such as shoplifting.

I would vote NO on this part even if it stood alone. Quote (from the 46 page State of Florida booklet about the amendments at this LINK):

[If amendment 6 passes] ….. a state court or an officer hearing an administrative action pursuant to general law may not defer to an administrative agency’s interpretation of such statute or rule, and must instead interpret such statute or rule de novo  …..

It is VERY sad that the CRC put this awful stuff in this amendment rather than addressing some of the issues raised by people advocating for Marsy’s Law.  I hope that advocates of Marsy’s Law also see that they must vote NO on amendment 6 because of the above problems.

# 8.  This one will not be on the ballot because the courts ruled that the CRC’s wording was confusing and misleading.

# 9. Definitely voting YES. No drilling off our shores. Drilling off our shores puts our beautiful beaches in danger of oil spills.  This is another one that the CRC bundled unrelated issues into.  I hope those unrelated issues won’t stop you from voting YES.

# 11. Definitely voting YES based on quote from ACLU (LINK):

Amendment 11 – Vote YES–The ACLU of Florida supports Amendment 11 because it would address mass incarceration by allowing criminal justice reforms to apply retroactively. Right now, many people are incarcerated under harsh sentencing laws that could soon be reformed, but even if the legislature changes those sentencing laws, they won’t apply to people currently affected by them. If Amendment 11 passes, reforms to mandatory minimum sentencing or drug policy reform could apply to people currently serving under sentences that the legislature no longer believes are fair.

The CRC put unrelated things in the amendment but that should NOT stop you from voting YES. The unrelated things: The issue regarding the ability of non-citizens to purchase and sell property cannot be enforced, And it deletes obsolete language having to do with high-speed rail in Florida.

# 12.  I think I am voting yes. I am still gathering information.  I hope amendment 12 will stop these abuses is why I want to vote yes.  Quote from this ARTICLE :

Some Florida legislators are profiting from the charter-school industry while they have been actively involved in pushing — and successfully passing — legislation to fund for-profit private schools at the expense of public education.

 # 13. Definitely voting YES I have been convinced there is animal abuse

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