J-1 and Jason Fischer

Please send a copy of Florida Statute Article VIII Section 6 to Jason FischerThe Duval Delegation has no right to change Duval’s Charter.

Florida Statute Article VIII  Section 6 says Article VIII Section 9 is no longer applicable once a county adopts a charter (which we have).  

Here is a screen shot of Jason Fischer’s FB page where he says it is Article VIII Section 9 that gives J-1 it’s authority.  

But here is a screen shot of Article VIII Section 6 that says that Section 9, 10, 11 and 24 are no longer applicable once the county/city gets a charter.

In other words, Section 9 of Article VIII is no longer applicable to Jacksonville since Jacksonville has a charter.  In other words, the state legislature can not change Jacksonville’s charter.
Excerpt from Section 6 of Article VIII:

Article VIII Section 9 shall remain in full force … until that county shall expressly adopt a charter … “

Regarding this article:

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