What are the qualifications to be on the state Board of Education?

I find it worrisome that these state Board of Education members who were appointed by Scott and DeSantis are drafting standards for our student’s curriculum.

An excerpt from the article:

Tuck took the State Board chairmanship — a position that can control the board’s agenda and serve as a bully pulpit — as the board stood poised to consider revisions to all K-12 academic standards. Gov. Ron DeSantis issued an executive order in January calling for the review, with results due to him by the start of 2020. The board could have proposals to debate and vote on by spring 2020.


It makes me wonder if the attacks on teaching evolution are part of the problem. If people don’t have a basic grasp of evolution, they can’t grasp that the virus mutates? Even though this is a 2019 article, Andy Tuck is still on the state Board of Education.
Excerpt from article:

Andy Tuck voted with the Highlands School Board in 2008 to oppose the teaching of evolution as fact.


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