Please tell your rep to vote NO on SB 330 that was introduced in the Florida Senate in 2019

I wonder what founding values Baxley means in this bill he proposed.  Quote from SB 330:

shall strictly adhere to the founding values and principles of the United States in accordance with s. 1003.42

Women and slaves couldn’t vote when the country was founded.  Surely Baxley doesn’t mean those values, does he?   What exactly does he mean?

Also why does Baxley want to put it into law that Keynesian and Hayekian economic theories must be taught? Focusing on two theories (close to 100 years old) is misleading. A lot has happened in economic theory since then.  Certainly there is a lot bad in SB 330 (2019) BUT if Senator Baxley wants to promote the teaching of financial literacy, then he should introduce a separate bill specific to that and make this the wording:

Financial literacy instruction must be an integral part of instruction throughout the entire economics course and include economic theories that have reliably predicted observed outcomes

The debate about whether the government should use its fiscal powers (spending, taxing and borrowing) in whatever manner best enables it to maintain full employment and price stability is a good one.  The debate about the harm of deficits is also a good one.  IF we want well informed voters, then please give them a good background.  Link to a great article about economic theories being debated today

Screen shot of the whole paragraph of the bill pertaining to financial literacy.  The green part is the new part being proposed by Senator Baxley:

And here is the link to the s. 1003.42 mentioned above:

Also what does he mean by controversial? Perhaps it sounds innocuous until you realize that the people that are proposing the bill think evolution and global warming are controversial. And the balanced manner means that they want creationism taught in science class along with evolution. Quote from SB 330 (2019):

(b) Science standards must establish specific curricular content for, at a minimum, the nature of science, earth and space science, physical science, and life science. Controversial theories and concepts shall be taught in a factual, objective, and balanced manner.

Quote from this article at this LINK:

A new bill in the Florida Legislature could affect how science and other subjects are taught; well-established scientific concepts like evolution and human-caused climate change might have to be ‘balanced’ with ideas that haven’t withstood scientific scrutiny.  …  One critic of the bill, Anna Eskamani (D-Orlando), is a newly-elected  state representative in House District 47.

Quote from this article at this LINK

Bill 330 by Senator Baxley from Ocala adds controversial science and economic theories to the curriculum.

Quote from this article at this LINK

Cease embracing debunked theories in the name of balance. We need smart people going forward. Florida doesn’t need more things like SB 330.

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