We need legislators that will promote public education consistent with Florida’s Constitution

Paraphrased from an ARTICLE  about the race between Kimberly Daniels and Paula Wright:  Daniels said that people voted for her because they want prayers said out loud at the podium at public school events, and they want teachers to be able to proselytize their own religion at the public school, and they want taxpayers to fund unregulated charter schools and give taxpayer funds to private schools.

I read that Kimberly Daniels was heavily funded by Republican PACS. Was it some of the advertising from those PACS that swayed voters? My guess is that it was something in those flyers and NOT that voters supported bills like SB 436.  Don’t most people want their religion taught at home and at their religious institutions and NOT at the public school?  The public schools include people from a variety of religions as well as the non-religious.  This is the essence of SB 436 that Daniels and Bean and Fischer voted YES on:

Public schools (but not charter schools) must allow prayers said out loud at the podium at school events, and teachers must be allowed to proselytize their own religion at the school

Quote from this ARTICLE:

SB 436 will create a legal quagmire, as well as divisive consequences for Florida’s public schools. Our public schools are in no way devoid of religion. The First Amendment and federal law already provide students with the right to privately pray alone or in groups during non-curricular time, as well as pray to themselves at any time

School choice (at this time) means giving taxpayer funds to under-regulated charter schools and to private schools via vouchers.  “Charter schools are freed from many of the regulations that govern traditional public schools ” is a quote from the Duval County Public School WEBSITE .  That wording troubles me. I would prefer that they say:

Our legislators do not require charter schools to follow the regulations that they have imposed on our neighborhood schools. Why? If the regulations are valuable, why aren’t the charter schools required to follow them? If the regulations are not valuable, then why are they being imposed on our neighborhood schools?

The League of Women Voters have SUGGESTIONS for regulations for charter schools that will help prevent some of the abuses. Integrity Florida also has   SUGGESTIONS

We need legislators that are willing to incorporate those ideas into the laws that allow funding of charter schools. Even one of the promoters of charter schools is now calling for more regulation. You can read about that at this LINK

Jason Fischer and Aaron Bean are the reps for my district. They (like Kimberly Daniels) voted YES on SB 436 and HB 989. Fischer and Bean voted YES on HB 7069 while Daniels didn’t vote on that one. Is not voting as bad as voting YES if the end result is to let the bill pass?

And since they (Kimberly Daniels and Jason Fischer and Aaron Bean) allowed HB 7069 to pass, we could also add that they want the State to decide which charter schools are in our communities rather than letting the local elected school board make that decision.  How can HB 7069 be constitutional based on Section 4 (b) of Article IX of Florida’s Constitution? Here is what 4 (b) says:

 The school board shall operate, control and supervise all free public schools within the school district and determine the rate of school district taxes within the limits prescribed herein.

Florida’s Constitution Article IX Section 4 (b) seems a great idea to me. The school board can best determine what charter schools are needed in their district. And the voters can vote school board members in or out IF we don’t feel they are making good decisions for our city.

What’s the deal with the State Legislators promoting charters? Is the end goal to privatize education? Let’s posit that there is a place in our education system for charter schools. Shouldn’t the local school board decide which funds should be spent in the neighborhoods? The school board is made up of elected officials for our community. They know the community. We shouldn’t be paying a lease to a for-profit entity that a state legislator is personally profiting from while a school building is standing in need of repair. The charter school could be part of the public school building. The local school board is better equipped to make decisions (like that) than the state. HB 7069 is most likely against Florida’s Constitution Article IX Section 4 (b)

My guess is that most citizens would NOT want  HB 7069 and SB 436 if they understood them. Am I wrong?

Kimberly Daniels, Jason Fischer, and Aaron Bean also voted yes on HB 989. If HB 989 is a good idea, then why doesn’t it apply to any school that receives taxpayer funds? HB 989 doesn’t apply to charter schools or private schools that receive taxpayer money. Why not? HB 989 is about allowing the community to debate what books are used to teach the curriculum in the school.

public education

Vote for HB 989: https://www.flsenate.gov/Session/Bill/2017/00989/?Tab=VoteHistory
Vote for SB 436: https://www.flsenate.gov/Session/Bill/2017/00436/?Tab=VoteHistory
Vote for HB 7069: https://www.flsenate.gov/Session/Bill/2017/7069/?Tab=VoteHistory

Do dress codes imposed by societal norms, cultural pressures, religious rules and/or government laws hurt self esteem, equality, fairness and/or justice?

I heard Professor Stuber on First Coast Connect talking about dress codes that target women and the possible effect on women’s self esteem.  You can hear  it at this LINK

School Dress Codes starts around minute 33 

I grew up hearing how women’s dress caused men to rape them.   It angers me.   Why can’t men be trained?  I don’t think it is the woman’s dress that causes some men’s bad behavior.  Boys should be taught manners and respect and the difference between yes and no.

The choice of attire belongs to the individual.   People’s reaction to that dress is their own responsibility.

this LINK  is to a GREAT article about dress codes and norms.  It brings up a lot of things to consider.  When we criticize anyone’s dress, are we considering their background and their family situation?   Perhaps we could all be a little kinder.

Some reasons why no one should hit kids

All this is copied from Becky’s page where she said we were free to share:

I’ve [again this “I” here and below is Becky since this was copied from her page] been asked to share some links to studies and information about using corporal punishment with children.

Here we go! See the comments for additional links.

This is public, you are welcome to share.


This may be one of the best articles to read because of how plainly it illustrates that in the US, we overvalue pain and undervalue children. This simple phrase – overvaluing pain and undervaluing children – is a really devastating indictment of our culture.

And it’s true, you can see in many domains of life how children are undervalued (e.g. funding of education) and pain is overvalued (consider the dominant religious culture that is founded on human sacrifice, torture, and blood atonement; or consider the pressures of the workplace)


Slapping and spanking in childhood and its association with lifetime prevalence of psychiatric disorders in a general population sample

This study took place in Canada.


When you hit your kindergartner more, your kindergartner hits their peers more.


This is a video discussing child abuse in the context of the video game of The Walking Dead, for those who might be more interested in video content, gaming, etc than reading scientific studies.


Spanking increases antisocial behaviors.


This study was investigating whether effects of spanking are different amongst different cultural/ethnic groups.


Spanking 3 year olds increases aggressive behavior seen through age 5.


“The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that parents be encouraged and assisted in the development of methods other than spanking for managing undesired behavior.”


This is a good article from a mommy blog that gives parents some good tips for how to manage their toddler’s behavior. This is a good resource for those who want to get their information from a layperson who has several children of their own.


Spanking and Child Development: We Know Enough Now to Stop Hitting Our Children

Spanking is violence against children.