Please write postcards opposing SB 1410, SB 330, SB 7030, SB 1028 and supporting SB 584

Link to UU Justice speadsheet of bills they are following

Table of a couple of bills that specifically have the result of cutting funding for neighborhood and magnet schools when there is a limited education budget:

SB 1410 Hope Scholarship Program Takes money from neighborhood and magnet schools and sends the funding to private schools instead of funding programs to combat bullying. Please oppose

SB 330 Educational Standards for K-12 Public Schools Allows a backdoor for the possibility of requiring  the teaching of nonscientific principles to be taught in science class. Please oppose.

SB 7030 School Safety and Security Directs funding to arm teachers and school personnel rather than allowing each school the flexibility on how to spend state money to make their schools safe. Please oppose.

“School shootings are rare events that mobilize people to take action. Our research suggests it is time to focus on prevention and mental well-being.” Quote from this link:

SB 1028 School Funding SB 1028 will take money local voters approved for their neighborhood and magnet school facilities and divert it to privately owned charter schools. Please oppose.
SB 584 Charter Schools This is a step in the right direction trying to stop the financial abuses of taxpayer money by privately owned private charters.  Please Support.


post card suggestions

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