Email to Senate Appropriations Committee

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Subject: SB 202
To: <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, Brodeur, Jason (web) <>, Burgess, Danny <>, <>, <>, Senator Joe Gruters <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>

Honorable Senators,

Analysis of SB 202 dated March 10th:
The cost is indeterminate at this time.

1. Please put a limit on the total expenditure so that the cost is not “indeterminate.” Representative Tuck has offered her estimate. Please make that amount or less the cap.

2. Also please put it as a separate line item in the budget and a guarantee it won’t hurt the funding of the neighborhood and magnet schools!  

3. Also please make it so only private schools that have a large endowment will be eligible for the voucher. Experience shows that schools with the vouchers as their only revenue are subpar. IF you don’t do this, then please at least have an accountability and transparency element of the bill so the taxpayers can be assured our money is spent ONLY on quality schools.

4. In addition to putting a dollar limit on the effect of the bill, please prioritize the vouchers as follows:

  • Kids with disabilities and family income less than 375% of poverty level
  • Kids with disabilities and family income less than $300,000
  • Other kids with family income less than $300,000 
  • Everyone else

5. Also please institute some sort of penalty if the private school misleads the parent as to what services they offer.  

I wish you wanted to make EVERY neighborhood school excellent and include lots of choices within each neighborhood school rather than funding the private schools which parents were willing to pay for themselves. Residents can opt out of public services, but it shouldn’t mean the taxpayers have to pay for it.

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